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living kitchen

To ensure that you feel completely at home and can enjoy yourself, we have made sure that there is space where you can be yourself and relax.

There is a spacious kitchen with all the comfort you need. You can brew your own Italian coffee there whenever you want, brew your bottle of wine, cook tasty pasta, or make a cup of tea to relax.

In the authentic seats you can relax after a busy day, or plan what the next day will look like.

We've started a reading corner that can only grow with more books, magazines and comics, and there are board games.

The garden

There is no better place than nature to truly relax and unwind.

In the garden there is something for everyone, whether you want to eat outside, enjoy the sun, relax or admire the starry sky.

We have made a large fire pit for cozy evenings around the campfire and which can be used as a barbecue.

A regular barbecue is also available.

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